About the Company - Beauty by Science

About the Company

Laifarma, UAB is the official distributor of Beauty by Science food supplements.  Manufacturer: Arco (Robertet group), 10 Avenue Yves Emmanuel Baudoin, 6130, Grasse, France


Laifarma, UAB, founded in 2009, specialises in the research and development of medical devices, food supplements and functional foods and represents reliable industry manufacturers in the Baltic States.


Competency areas of the company: biogerontology, dermatology, gynaecology, rheumatology.


  • To provide consumers with innovative, effective and safe top-quality products.
  • To ensure a direct, transparent and traceable product path, leading to the market from the manufacturer to the consumer.
  • To support education in the fields of health, science, technologies and social responsibility.
  • To apply the principles of sustainable use and production.

We cooperate with



Association of Lithuanian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Crafts

Company Details

Laifarma, UAB
Registration Number: 302335648
VAT Number: LT100007312216
Food Handling Entity ID Number: 130018805
Address: Žirnių str.. 26F, LT-02120 Vilnius

Contact Details

Phone: +370 687 98019
Email: info@laifarma.com